Announcement 11/19/2019


Ashenvale Staff
Miembro del equipo
Hi guys, I'll tell you how the whole process we are working is going.

- The first thing is how Faris and Aria will see each other from the bottom side and the new Din server beta is from the Top side.
- We still do not modify our entire internal network of servers / proxies, which is probably being done near December 29/30 and we have to download all our services for a few hours. The idea is how to always give them the best security as well as improving the service for the side of Europe (America would remain the same).
- Regarding what rates and modifications we are handling for the Din server I leave the following LINK post (keep in mind that some things may vary a bit).
- The beta we raised yesterday has an Aria database of 2 weeks ago, XP and SP x100 rates, auto learn skill and a community with beta section so they have some tools that allow them to test what they want . Please, in addition to entering the character and PvPear, we need you to review possible errors that could affect the playability of the new server.
- The modifications of the new server may begin to see them reflected in the beta within the last week before starting. We will announce.
- As we are always interested in working with streamers / youtubers for the advertising side, feel free to approach to chat with us if they have active channels and desire to play here while they advertise us.- The way to communicate with the staff will only be via Discord (private message to Jorah) or send a message to our fanpage.
- Remember that we have been working on the Classic version since 1.0 and we are going through 1.5 / 2.0 and now we will be for a good time in 2.5 but it does not mean that later we will update to 2.7 (the files we already have them, but as you know, it costs a lot work fix them).
- I think it is more clear that Faris and Aria will remain there for those who wish to continue playing, do not be afraid of losing anything, we have saved everything for years. If they played with us in Classic 1.0 their things are still there, nothing was lost. Any changes or modifications will be duly notified.
- We are very motivated, we go with everything with this project and we want that among people from all over the world, to have a varied community which encourages the healthy and fun competition of Lineage 2.

Ashenvale Staff.