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1. About the Regulation.

1.1. Validity of the regulation.

1.1.1. This regulation is valid from its publication until further notice, revoking any previous regulations.

1.1.2. By simply connecting to the Server or downloading our software, the user accepts the duty to comply with the clauses contained herein.

1.2.- Rules and their Updates.-

1.2.1. Ashenvale staff reserves the right to delete, add or modify clauses of these regulations, as it deems appropriate, without prior notice.

1.2.2. Ignorance of the rules contained herein, or of their updates, may not be invoked, in any way, as a justification for a breach of them.

1.2.3. When the regulation is updated, it will be announced through the official means of the server. The simple words "Updated Regulation" will suffice.

1.2.4. The user is advised to periodically check the regulation to keep abreast of possible modifications made to it.

2. User regulation.

2.1. Character creation

2.1.1. The names given to the characters, clans, alliances, etc., may not contain any kind of relationship with the names used by the STAFF of Ashenvale or refer to them in any way. If this type of non-compliance is detected, the STAFF will proceed to penalize said user and the accounts that are related to it with BAN.

2.1.2. Any user with an inappropriate character can be banned permanently or deleted without prior notice.

2.1.3. Notwithstanding the foregoing, it is recalled that the Staff reserves the right to admit, or not, characters on the server.

2.2. Personal Identifiers

2.2.1. Data that accredit a user as the owner of a character will be considered “Personal identifiers”. They are unchanged, and cannot be modified by the Ashenvale Staff.

2.2.2. Currently, the only existing Personal Identifier is the Serial Code that arrives in your email when you create your account.

2.2.3. The use of a false or invalid Personal identifier causes the user to have no way to prove and / or claim ownership of the character.

2.2.4. The personal identifier is the only tool through which the user can request STAFF actions or orders regarding accounts and / or characters. Therefore, it is a necessary condition that the user has access and can make use of his personal identifier; otherwise, such requests will not be processed.

2.2.5. If many people have the Personal Identifier of the account, any type of request to the staff is canceled. There is no excuse, it is not necessary to pass this identifier to play in clan, party or group, when you pass it automatically the account becomes insecure.

2.3. General guidelines The use of any external software, whether or not an advantage over the game is strictly prohibited. In turn, the user will be responsible for its use without being able to deliberate responsibility for the damages that result from its use. In case of breaking this rule, the STAFF may permanently suspend all accounts that are related to the user. CLARIFICATION: Just having a cheat / bot of l2 on the pc and running the client, is reason enough to be penalized (BAN). The server's anti-cheat detects any program of this style, even when used on another server. The use of external software by users (cheats) must be reported to STAFF immediately. Any type of behavior that threatens the normal development of the game may be punished by the STAFF. The improper use of the chat may be punished at the discretion of the STAFF. The permanence of PK characters (higher at level 30) in start cities is prohibited. Failure to comply with this rule will be penalized at the discretion of the STAFF. It is not allowed to sit down to sell or create any shop, or simply hinder in: high traffic areas, near gatekeepers and warehouse keepers.

2.3.2. The exploitation of a bug by a user must be reported to the STAFF. Failure to report may cause immediate and permanent suspension of the user in the community.

2.3.3. If your character was used by another person with some prohibited software, he will be penalized, even if the account owner is not responsible.

2.3.4. Penalties may vary for STAFF consideration, as they deem appropriate based on each particular case.

2.3.5. Each user is responsible for their actions, and they will be punished by them if necessary. In turn, users will also be responsible for the use they could give to their accounts, and all the actions that are carried out with them, in case other users have access to them.

2.3.6. The absence of any type of rule referring to any particular issue does not imply the approval of that action or behavior by the STAFF, and the same will evaluate each case individually. If you have any questions about the regulation, you can consult the STAFF to clarify it.

2.3.7. Those users who take out items of borrowed or foreign PCs and have a clear intention to appropriate them, will be permanently banned. ATTENTION, to comply with this rule, you must pay the 500 Ashenvale Coins for the investigation of logs.

2.3.8. Those who hide information regarding any of the aforementioned points will be considered complicit and the same penalty may be applied to them as to the perpetrator.

2.4. Unfounded accusations.

2.4.1. Any user who makes, by public means, an unfounded accusation (without being based on concrete facts), or of mere injurious character; The same as those who make incriminating insinuations and suspicions towards a STAFF member, will be severely sanctioned as considered.

2.4.2. The accusations made through the complaints section must have evidence to support them. Otherwise, it will be automatically dismissed.

2.5 Discrepancies with staff decisions.

2.5.1. No action necessarily carried out by users to change decisions made by staff will be allowed or taken into consideration.

2.5.2. Users will have the right to present their opinion or download, but they will do so in a totally respectful manner. The use of vulgar, offensive or disqualifying language towards the members of the Staff, will result for the user in the loss of such right immediately.

2.5.3. If a user places a download on a non-stipulated channel, such as being the general of the forum, he loses all right to make any valid download.

2.5.4. User discharges must specifically refer to the penalty that was applied to them.

2.5.5 Rumors and accusations without reference to solid facts will be ignored.

2.5.6. The contact channels for staff downloads are only through the "Support / Reports" forum. Private messaging will not be official or relevant, and will be used only if the Administrator deems it necessary. Administrators may establish any other communication channel as they deem necessary.

2.5.7. In-game downloads will not be considered. For such matters they must comply with what is mentioned in point 2.5.6 of this regulation.

2.6. Expulsions and Sanctions.

2.6.1. The sanctions will be made according to the regulations, unless the STAFF considers that the case merits another type of treatment.

2.6.2. The Administrator, by their position, have the power to apply special sanctions, according to their criteria.

2.6.3. The STAFF is not obliged to systematically and immediately sanction all users who committed the same offense at the same time, but will do so according to their time and availability to verify and apply such sanctions; being able, in addition, to evaluate in each concrete case the special circumstances that it contains.

3. Important Clarifications.

3.1. The STAFF reserves the right of admission and permanence of users in the community.

3.2. The STAFF is not responsible for the attitudes or actions of the users.

3.3. The STAFF is not responsible for any damage caused by our software. The download and installation will be done by the user at his own risk.

3.4. The STAFF has no relationship / obligation / responsibility, regarding the security problems that users may have on their PCs or other devices used.

3.5. The user is fully responsible for their accounts, which is why, in case of theft of accounts or characters or clans, they have no right to require the STAFF full or partial refund. For this there is a Payment Research service that must be analyzed by the STAFF to see its possible application.

3.6. In the event that the character is borrowed, the responsibility remains with the owner and, if any kind of use of exploits or external programs is discovered, it is the owner who will be penalized, either by banning the character (s), or the account (s) involved.

3.7. We do not penalize the purchase of items for real money.

3.8. If the purchase or sale of items for real money causes a problem to the server and the staff is forced to interfere, the accounts could be directly blocked.

3.9. We penalize any announcement regarding the sale of items for real money through the official channels of Ashenvale (facebook, instagram, forum, official groups, etc).

Ashenvale Staff.
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